Japanese Geomorphological Union

About Us

What is JGU?

JGU (Japanese Geomorphological Union) is an academic society providing a platform for scientific meetings, seminars, and publications on geomorphology. About 400 individuals hold the JGU memberships, who are researchers, engineers, students, and persons in general public with particular interest in landforms and relating earth-surface processes. We publish a peer-reviewed scientific journal, Transactions, Japanese Geomorphological Union (TJGU), which is issued four volumes per year.

Our Mission

JGU contributes to advance in science and technology regarding geomorphology by providing opportunities of academic discussion and communications. We believe that understanding of landforms and their formation processes, prediction and mitigation of natural disasters attribute to the deepening and widening of knowledge in landscape evolution. JGU fulfills a leadership in scientific researches and technical development in the field of geomorphology and also in education and social implementation of outcomes.